Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Warriors v Treviso

This Friday:
Themed Bake Sale (tablet, cupcakes etc) pre and post match, depending on how long stocks last, in The Clubhouse.   So get in early.

WHITE RIBBON – we are participating  campaign  for those that do not know about the campaign, it is mostly although women are encouraged to join in too, withDonations and white ribbons will be available in The Clubhouse both pre and post match.  If you require further information on this worthwhile campaign, we hope to have a representative from the campaign, a regular at Scotstoun, on hand to answer any queries.   We hope you in the usual enthusiast manner of XVIth Warrior members.

The IVth Annual XVIth Warrior Pub Quiz

Greetings and welcome!

Last night we held our annual pub quiz at The Grovesnor Ashton Lane for some XVIth Warrior members.

The event raised cash for Movember and Cash For Kids.

The winners: The Shed, won 2 cinema tickets from the Grovesnor Cafe plus a meal with wine for 2 from Waxy's AND tour tickets for Central Station!

We also had a quick fire round and the prize was tickets for Waxy's Hogmany event!

We would like to thank:

Adam Ashe, James Eddie, Grayson Hart, Keiran Low, Henry Pyrgos, Fergus Scott, Tim Swinson, Duncan Weir, Sam Johnson, Greg Peterson, Simone Favaro, Rory Hughes, Finn Russell, Rob Harley, Zander Fagerson, and Shavla Mamukashvili for coming along as well as Stephanie Karvelis for getting the guys organised, The Grovesnor Cafe & Waxy's Glasgow for the prizes.

Now a quick word from a few that attended:

14 hours ago
Great night tonight at @GlasgowWarriors @TheXVIthWarrior annual pub quiz and to come 2nd🤓guess all the hours I spent in school helped me

1 hour ago
@TheXVIthWarrior had a great night, thanks for having me #WarriorNation

13 hours ago
Me and @finn_russell were definitely the brains behind the @TheXVIthWarrior pub quiz tonight.....great team win! #TheShed

Shalva Mamukashvili @ShadreM  11 minutes ago
@TheXVIthWarrior it was pleasure for me thank you very much :)

14 hours ago

Ali Carberry In true Warriors style we started off cautiously & upped our game as the night went on! "Fear the Beer!" Thanks very much to all the committee for organising such a nice event & to all the players for coming along & being as hopeless as us at the rugby questions! X

Christine Ferguson Great night, thanks for all the hard work you put in to make it a success. Quite relieved that the players were not great at the questions either! Thanks to all of them for their company!

Carol Thomas It was a great night. The old brain was working overtime but didn't quite get there. We'll need to swot up for next year. Great organisation & the food was great too.

Ross Currie It was a great night

Thanks to all the committee for arranging and to all the Glasgow Warriors players who attended tonight

Cheryl Watson Great night, was so glad I'm not the only one that sucked at the rugby questions. Massive thanks to the committee for arranging a fantastic night and thanks to all the players that came along.

The bomb squad & the pussycat dolls will win one day, OK one round then? Maybe, hopefully!!

Robert Williamson 2nd place for the Amazin 6. best place in 4 years.

Thanks to all the committee!

You can see more of the photos from last night by clicking on the photos tab!

See you all Friday!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Warriors v Saints


The XVIth Warrior would like to welcome everyone back to Scotstoun for what is now our first European match of the season! We send our deepest condolences and best wishes to all of those affected by the tragedies of the last week. We have been in contact with the Racing 92 supporters to ask them to pass on our thoughts to all in Paris. Thanks to everyone who travelled to Paris this weekend, we're both relieved and happy to see everyone return safely. We hope that many of you will be able to attend the rescheduled match, date still to be confirmed.

Next week at Scotstoun, we will be having our annual Kilt Day to celebrate St Andrew's Day! Come in your best tartan and watch the Warriors play Benetton Treviso in the Pro12.

Sooner than that, we look forward to welcoming those who have booked places to the XVIth Warrior pub quiz next Tuesday. We hope you've all been studying!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Al's big Farewell

Allan Glens Rugby Club have organised a final, fitting tribute dinner for Mr Al Kellock.   We have kindly been given an allocation for places at this dinner on a first come first served basis.  See below for more information.   If interested, let us know as soon as possible, via email to


Not set in stone but not far off it

Date - Saturday 5th December 2015
Time - 6:30pm for 7:30pm
Tickets - £30

Guests Arrive  6:30 for 7:30
Dinner called 7:30
Guests Seated
Toptable seated
Guest of Honour seated

Welcome speech  Scott Muir president AGRFC
Grace  Gavin Ross  Vice President AGRFC

Starter served
Heads & Tails
Provost of East Dunbartonshire - Councillor Una Walker

Main course served
Upside down Bingo
Scottish Rugby Union - Vice President TBC

Desert served
Raffle tickets sold
Glasgow Warriors - 1  Shade Monroe TBC

 Cheese & biscuits Coffee & liqueur
Raffle & auction
Photo  frame Auction
Glasgow Warriors - 2 Nathan or Gregor TBC



Presentation to Al Kellock -  Scott Muir
Al Kellock responds

Interview with Al Kellock  With the Two Scott's

Vote of Thanks  Gavin Ross
Guest Speaker - Scott Glynn

Dress code is lounge suit and tie

Cadder Freestone Social Club
5 St Mungo Street
G64 1QT

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Warriors v Dragons

A big XVIth Warrior welcome back to everyone after what feels like a very long time since we last visited Scotstoun! Don't feel deprived though, as today is the first of a long sixteen games in a row for the Glasgow Warriors! A special welcome also to our friends visiting from Wales and beyond to support the Dragons today!

We'd like to extend a Glasgow welcome to Taqele Naiyaravoro, Greg Peterson, Sila Puafisi and Simone Favaro who are joining us for the first time since their international duties. Congratulations to all of our players who have been on international duty for their respective countries in the Rugby World Cup, some of whom we will be welcoming back to Scotstoun shortly after the end of the pool stages. You've made us proud! Good luck to all of our players still competing and representing Scotland this weekend in the RWC quarter finals against Australia on Sunday, and a special congratulations to Ritchie Gray and Sean Lamont on reaching landmark caps for the national team.

We would like to thank everyone who has bought XVIth Warrior champions merchandise, we will be in contact with those who still need to collect their orders. A date will shortly be announced for the annual XVIth Warrior pub quiz, so keep your eyes peeled!

We look forward to seeing everyone again tonight, and at our next home game against Ospreys on November 1st. It's our Halloween game, so get your spookiest costumes on!

Monday, 31 August 2015

Welcome back!

The XVIth Warrior welcome everyone back to Scotstoun for our first ever season as reigning champions of the Pro12! After an incredible season last season, we can't wait to see what this season will hold. As usual, we will be on hand in the Clubhouse to welcome everyone back to Scostoun, and we look forward to seeing everyone!

There have been many changes to the team and backstage staff. We welcome all our new players and members of staff to Glasgow, and to Glasgow Warriors! The XVIth Committee has also expanded to include three new faces who you'll all get the chance to meet throughout the season, if you don't know them already! These new members will be our presence in the main stand, a new move forward for us!

Today we have a Pro12 Final photo wall on display in the clubhouse for everyone to come and have a look! Looking forward to this season, we've got plans for our members to have some new things to see and do! Plus our annual pub quiz will be later on in the year. Keep your eyes and ears open for all our news!

If you're still not a member, get in touch online:
Twitter: @TheXVIthWarrior
Facebook :, Email: or come and see one of the committee members in the Clubhouse. Free to join and lots of benefits to be had! We hope you enjoy the game today and what should be a cracking season ahead!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Captain, my Captain: Ask Al

If you missed it on twitter, here are the highlights of today's Q& A with Mr Kellock:

Q1: @thepenGW @GlasgowWarriors @AlastairKellock what's your favourite game and why? #thecaptain"

A1: @thepenGW There are many that stand out but the semi-final against Munster and the first time I captained Scotland are the two best."

Q2: @hannahblunn How much would it mean to win the final this season with it being your last? @GlasgowWarriors #TheCaptain"

A2: @hannahblunn It's been an incredible journey for the last 9 years and to end it with a trophy would be very special. #TheCaptain"

Q3: @robeth1957 @GlasgowWarriors @AlastairKellock what is your favourite ground, bar Scotstoun obviously.#captain"

A3: @roberth1957 We get to play at some great grounds. My favourite club stadium is Thomond Park and Eden Park was also fantastic."

Q4: @MhairiCam13 What drove you to start playing rugby? #TheCaptain #WarriorNation"

A4: @MhairiCam13  We used to share lifts. My Dad drove sometimes and other times, my friends parents would drive me. #TheCaptain"

Q5: @scottrugby97 Al will u still have a lot 2 do with the Warriors #TheCaptain"

A5: @scottrugby97 My new role will allow me to spend time with Scottish Rugby but I'll absolutely still be working closely with the Warriors"

Q6: @grahamwa When you retire and can throw out all the nutrition "advice" what would be your first meal? #TheCaptain"

A6: @grahamwa I'm looking forward to going on holiday and not having to worry about my diet but that can't last too long #fat #TheCaptain"

Q7: @PeterElder74 okay skipper, is it roasted cheese or toasted cheese? #thecaptain"

A7: @PeterElder74 Toasted cheese because the other one doesn't exist #TheCaptain"

Q8: @muzzafraz Who's the most underrated player you've played with? #TheCaptain"

A8: @muzzafraz I would say Eric Milligan because it isn't always just what you see on the park that makes a great player. #squadman"

Q9: @LenzieRFC ur other team Allan glens played us in big derby game on sat. Apart from Edinburgh who is your biggest rival? #TheCaptain"

A9: @LenzieRFC It's changed over the years but probably Leinster as we've played them so many times in crucial games. #TheCaptain"

Q10: @MOMXW What is your guilty pleasure movie or song? #TheCaptain"

A10: @MOMXW Movie: Les Mis because it's brilliant. Song:Zach Brown Band - Toes. Listen to it it's a great song! #TheCaptain"
Q11: @davidarnott88 What's been your favourite country to visit during Warriors or Scotland duty? #TheCaptain"

A11: @davidarnott88 I have a joint winner. South Africa and Argentina are both great. #foodanddrink #TheCaptain"

Q12: @ian40766 What do you think of Rugby League? #TheCaptain"

A12: @ian40766 I love watching Rugby League because the skill level is incredibly high #TheCaptain"

Q13: @PeckythePenguin Hi Al, Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions? P.S. It's my birthday 😃 #TheCaptain"

A13: @PeckythePenguin I like to do the same walk on the park before every game and write my kids names on my wrist tape. #TheCaptain"

Q14: @BSpalders There has been a massive transformation in time you've been at the club. How do you see our progression over the next decade"

A14: @BSpalders I don't see any reason why we can't continue to develop at the same speed we have been doing in recent times. #veryexciting"

Q15: @MOMXW Best and worst gift you have ever received #TheCaptain"

A15: @MOMXW Best: My Auntie gave me a Leatherman for my 21st. Worst: My Mother in Law gave me a wooden walking stick! #hopeshesnotontwitter"

Q16: @kevrud17 How do you think Scotland will do in the World Cup? #TheCaptain"

A16: @kevrud17 I believe we'll reach the Quarter-Finals and from there anything is possible #TheCaptain"

Q17: @HelenaLeggett If you could have played at the same level in any other sport what would it be? #TheCaptain"

A17: @HelenaLeggett When I was growing up it would have been football, but knowing what I know now I think it would be golf. #TheCaptain"

Q18: @GregCameron6 Do you think Jonny Gray has what it takes to become Glasgow and Scotland Captain? Even Lions skipper??? #TheCaptain"

A18: @GregCameron6 Jonny is already an exceptional player and if he carries on the way he's going, then why not? #TheCaptain"

Q19: @FiSulli How do you like my dads gnome collection😂? What's ur fave? his bday today! Big fan! #TheCaptain"

A19: @FiSulli The one in the Warriors shirt because it reminds me a bit of Dougie Hall! #TheCaptain"

Q20: @mould_robyn If you could play against any team in the world who would it be? P.S. I love you❤️ #TheCaptain @GlasgowWarriors"

A20: @mould_robyn Every England game is incredibly special so one more of them would be nice! #TheCaptain"

Q21: @IlseLaura Best thing about being a warrior? #thecaptain"

A21: @IlseLaura The sense of family and togetherness we have built up over the years. #Culture #TheCaptain"

Q22: @neilcunningha11 Who is the best player you have ever played against? #TheCaptain"

A22: @neilcunningha11 I would say Jason Robinson would have to be up there. #TheCaptain"

Q23: @ramrigblondes Who's the best and worst room mate? #TheCaptain"

A23: @ramrigblondes Best: @mikeblair9, he knows how I like my tea! Worst: @Biggers3 as he snores like a foghorn! #TheCaptain"

@mikeblair9: @GlasgowWarriors @ramrigblondes @Biggers3 I am a great room mate."

"@Biggers3: @ramrigblondes @mikeblair9 @GlasgowWarriors cheeeers. Too kind"

Q24: @pwmcomms What law change would you most like to see in the game and why? #TheCaptain"

A24: @pwmcomms I'd like to see the scrummage laws go back to where they were a few years ago when the hit was less of a factor #TheCaptain"

 Thanks for joining Al on Twitter this evening! Join him and the team on Friday when we take on Cardiff!"

Sunday, 1 March 2015

The XVIth Warrior Player of the Year Awards 2015

It gives us great pleasure to announce the start of voting for our Player of the Year Awards. Voting started on Saturday at the Ospreys game and voting will close on 3rd April.

The Awards will be presented at the Cardiff Blues game on Friday, 10th April. Voting forms will be available in The Clubhouse at our table at the home games.

Don't be shy, just ask any of the Committee for your form if no-one has forced one into your hand!

A list of all the players will be up on our board for the games, but just to make it a wee bit easier please see the list below.

The categories are as follows:

Best Forward

Best Back

BT Sport Scottish Rugby Academy Stage 3 Player of the year (formerly E.D.P.)

Best Online Personality

Player of the Year.

Current squad:

BT Sport SRA3:

Members can also vote via email.

Happy voting!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Who we are

While we get the new chant sorted,  we thought we would set the Warrior Nation a wee bit of home work.

How amazing would it be for us to raise our voices to welcome our boys with a song that (despite its origins) does have real meaning.

For those with a short memory here's the chorus:

Every battle, every scar
We are warriors
Hear us shouting from our hearts
The Sixteenth Warrior

We will travel near and far
For the thousand wars
Hear us screaming from our hearts
This is who we are
This is who we are


For the truly commited,   here's our interpreted version of the full song:

We make mistakes
We'll rise again
We choose the road we shouldn’t take

We'll follow rules
We'll cross the line
It’s just enough to feel alive

But it makes us who we are

(Chorus – part 1)
Every battle, every scar
We are warriors
Hear us shouting from our hearts
The Sixteenth Warrior

(Chorus – part 2)
We will travel near and far
For the thousand wars
Hear us screaming from our hearts
This is who we are
This is who we are

We play with fire
We laugh and cry
We taste the dark to see the light

We’re wild and free
Our hearts are true
We put our trust in boys in blue new

But it makes us who we are

(Chorus – part 1)
Every battle, every scar
We are warriors
Hear us shouting from our hearts
The Sixteenth Warrior

(Chorus – part 2)
We will travel near and far
For the thousand wars
Hear us screaming from our hearts
This is who we are
This is who we are

(Chorus – part 1) (x2)
Every battle, every scar
We are warriors
Hear us shouting from our hearts
The Sixteenth Warrior

(Chorus – part 2)
We will travel near and far
For the thousand wars
Hear us screaming from our hearts
This is who we are
This is who we are